11 Must-haves for the warm summer journey

1. Water
The most important thing is WATER. You body needs water to stay hydrated, and is a crucial element in the body cells, organs, and tissues to help regulate its temperature and maintain other bodily functions. When breathing, sweating, and digesting, our body use water so always bring a bottle of water and fruits and vegetable which contain alot of water, suc as melon, cucumbers, and oranges.  

2. Sport Unscented Spray SPF 50from www.coolasuncare.dk

An incredible nourishing and moisturizing sunscreen from Coola. This Sunscreen Spray with SPF 50 is unscented, transparent and easy to apply and does not leave white spots on the clothes / swimwear despite the high factor of the sunscreen. The sunscreen constantly ensures that your skin gets the optimum care while you are enjoying the sun.
Sport Unscented Spray SPF 50 contains 70% certified organic ingredients, such as cucumber and strawberry extract. Works anti-inflammatory and is rich in omega 3 and 6. Also contains anti-aging antioxidants.
Apply 15 minutes before use.
3. Aruba Front-Tie Crop Bikini Top from laaraswim.com
 The Aruba Front-Tie Crop Bikini Top is a modern and minimalistic style, with adjustable front that gives the top a more feminine look which will make you look your best from every angle. The top will stay-put underwater and when playing volleyball. The material is very flexible and soft which feels like a second skin. The Aruba Crop Bikini Top has adjustable straps and a solid metal hook for attachment on the back, with 3 adjustments.
Laara Swim use recycled Italian econyl, to protect earth and oceans, and all material and hardware is tested and certified against chlorine, salt, sunlotion and UV.
Laara Swim is luxury that last and leave us with a cleaner earth.
4. Chimi sunglasses Coco #005 Blackfrom www.chimieyewear.com
These sunglasses are simply eye-catching with their butterfly and cat eye effect. They have a very feminine yet cool expression that will fit most looks and styles. The unique thing about these sunglasses are that they are all handmade, which quarantees quality and autenticity. The glasses are 100% UV protection.
5. Eco-friendly Barletta Sarong from laaraswim.com

Laara Swim Barletta Sarong is silky soft, lightweight and 100% eco-friendly from natural material (modal). Barletta Sarong can be tied in different ways. The classic way around the hips, or if you want it to cover up more it is big enough to be tied up as a dress above the chest. The sarong is available in 3 different colors and has fringes at the ends. Size: 100 x 205cm


6. Dry brushing for face and bodyfrom holisticbeauty.dk
These two dry brushes are a must-haves especially when you need to get a beautiful and exfoliated skin. Dry brushing is good for blood circulation and it helps cleanse and exfoliate your skin. An exfoliated skin means a beautiful tan. Dry brushing removes the dead skin on the surface and leaves the skin soft and beautiful. Do not dry brushing before going out in the sun. The tree used for the brushes are made of sustainable FSC certified wood.
7. Coola face SPF 30 cucumber matte finish from www.coolasuncare.dk
Protect your face with Coola face SPF 30 cucumber matte finish. This sunscreen is ideal for those who have a more oiled face as it gives a matt effect. The sunscreen has a wonderful smell of cucumber and provides optimal UVA and UVB protection and has SPF 30.
The sunscreen contains organic hybenrose seed oil that is rich in vitamin C, linseed oil that is rich in omega 3 and organic shea butter that adds extra moisture and smoothen the skin.
8. Radical recovery after-sun lotion – from www.coolasuncare.dk
After the skin has been exposed to the sun it cannot get too much moisture. With Radical recovery after-sun lotion, the skin gets the right nutrition and moisture. This product is rich in organic ingredients and therefore extra good for the exposed skin. After-Sun Lotion nourishes, repairs and strengthens the skin to feel healthy and radiates a natural glow.
After-sun lotion is applied after sunbathing.
9. Protect your hair in the sun - Kérastase Soleil CC Crème 150 ml. 
We do not always think of protecting our hair from the sun, salt or chlorine, as we do with our skin. When planning a long-term stay in the sun, bathing on the beach or in chlorine water, it is always important to use UV and heat-protecting hair products. Kérastase Soleil CC Crème is ideal for use before going out and enjoying the sun, salt water or chlorine water. Can be used for all hair types.
10. Redken Color Extend sun After-Sun Shampoo
Hair shampoo for after-sun, salt and chlorine - Redken Color Extend sun After-Sun Shampoo
Hair shampoo with the magic effect. This After-Sun Shampoo cares for sun damaged hair, it cleans effectively for chlorine and salt and leaves the hair silky soft. Although the shampoo is called "Color", this shampoo can easily be used for both colored and non-colored hair. The hair is left rebuilt and well groomed after it has been exposed to the sun rays, ocean waves and the pool's chlorine
11. Kérastase Soleil Masque UV Defense Active 310 ml.
Hair mask/conditioner for after sun, salt and chlorine - Kérastase Soleil Masque UV Defense Active 310 ml.
Give your hair the moisture it needs. After being out and enjoying the sun, the beach or the pool, your hair has been exposed to a little of everything. Kérastase Soleil hair mask cleans the hair for both chlorine and salt and leaves the hair soft and shiny. The mask is recommended to sit in for 15 minutes to give the hair extra care, but if you are in a hurry, this mask can also be used as a conditioner. The mask can be used for all hair types.

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